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About Ferdinand Magellan The Explorer

“Thanks - wow that was fast. I will definitely be sending additional business your way.”
Kyle K, MD - Independent Medical Device Inventor

Your drawings. “Wow! They’re superb! I’ll be in touch! I’m about to hop on a plane to Boston. You exceeded my expectations! I will call you when I can but these are really what I was hoping for!”
Ted R, CEO – Consumer Home Electronics Company

“I was surprised to have my patent examined and allowed so quickly, in so few months, good strategy!”
Phil K, Retired Engineer – Independent Game Inventor

“I look forward to meeting the manufacturer and supplier and truly appreciate your recommendation of them; it will make the next steps easier. You did a tremendous job in "nailing" the design I wanted and I'm still pinching myself that it's "ready to roll" for manufacturing...YES!! You can be sure that I will tout your expert skills to others whom I encounter needing mechanical drawing services. I sincerely appreciate your ability to visualize and help make my idea a real live product.”
Sheila B, President - Family owned Consumer Product Company

“The first patent I filed with another patent attorney was disallowed. I am happy to be working with you and have you file my second patent application, now pending”
Matt H, Therapist - Independent Medical Device Inventor

“Of the three patents I still have pending, which one is this that is now being allowed. I received my second issued patent, you sent, in the mail, thank you.” 
Cathy C, President – Jewelry Manufacturer and Distribution Company

“Thanks for the fast work.”
Bill R, President - Engineering Corporation

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