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A prototype is a fully functional first draft or working model of a
final product.

The prototype is used for testing proof of concept, before a
company manufacturers the actual product. Several prototypes
can be produced before the product is made ready for
manufacturing and distribution.

The idea of the prototype was introduced in the 17th century
prior to the Industrial Age. Persons were already referring to
early-stage products as prototypes. It was at this time that the
prototype became a guideline or standard of comparison for the
products to come. Protos is Greek for first and typos is Greek for
impression, thus the invention of the word prototype is quite
fitting and should be taken to heart. It is always quite necessary
to make a great first impression with your prototype.

Before 1880, every inventor had to present a working model or prototype of the invention, to the patent office, as part of the patent application process. For the most part you no longer have to submit a prototype as part of a patent application, however, we have kept up the highest standards in formality when it comes to drawing and prototypes. For our clients this standard has been of great value. Prototypes are used for the following reasons, to name a few reasons.

1. A prototype proves, in the patent process, what is called a "reduction to practice" and if the question ever comes up, a prototype can be proof of that.

2. A prototype helps you analyze your invention and prove if it works as intended. This supports better patent applications.

3. A prototype helps you license or sell a product, as it can be demonstrated in a hands on way, beyond what information can be conveyed in drawings.

CAD drawing and digital manufacturing has made rapid prototyping possible. Where by, products can now be virtually designed and drawn via computer technology. The digital data is then sent to automate machines, to make the Prototype. Magellan Global has this capability.