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Photo Gallery
Art Fry - inventor PostIt® Note
one of 3M Company's  best known products.
Mark Rosheim - robotics engineer, author, first surrogate robot for NASA, Ross-Hime Designs Inc.
John Ratzenberger - inventor and actor Made In America TV show. Widely known as "Cliff" on Cheers.
Ken Paul Lozada - Sculptor, innovator, actor and artist. from the original Hawaii 5-O and other movies. 
Warren Tuttle - direct response mega hit Smart Spin, 10 million plus sold.
product development Lifetime Brands.
Louis Foreman -product developer, producer Everyday Edisions TV show, publisher Inventors Digest.
Pamela Cole - medical device inventor and wound care specialist. President Femicorp LLC
Stephen Key - product developer
author, Spinformation rotating label, Accudial Pharmceutical and
Robert Rines - inventor plus, Joanne
Hayes Rines. Franklin Pierce Law
Center, Academy of Applied Science.
Dr. Michael Ruff - bioscience pioneer, immunologist and co-creator of Psychosomatic Wellness.
Dr. Candace Pert - pharmacologist and bioscience researcher, author Molecules of Emotion.
Robert Albertson - inventor of the string trimer, posi grip, magtrans auto and more, Albertson Enterprises.
Robert Hedin - author, grandson of Alexander Anderson, inventor of puffed cereal, Quaker Oats Co.
* photo at Tower View Estate.
Deb Hess - director, Minnesota Inventors Congress. John Calvert - supervisory patent examiner USPTO.
Jeff and Jessica Kimmel - house hold product developers, Wallace Design.
Bill Kurtz - inventor, JSI Waste Less Hay Feeder and more tested number one by University of Minnesota. JSI Innovations LLC.
UIA board of directors dinner. Robert and Joanne-Hayes Rines, on left, visiting guests.
Edward J. (Jim) Oliver and wife Betty - inventor, Carry All Saddle Dolly and other equipment carriers.
Inventors Network board of directors, tour of Chateau St. Croix, in Wisconsin.
Stephen Key - inventor, Deb Hess - MIC, Carmen Oliver - inventor equestrian equipment.
University of Wisconsin industrial design students, after ASID Design competition. Shaelyn Benson, award winner, on the right.
Steve Kazyaka - inventor the Kaz e Kup® the ultimate cup holder, works with QVC, Skymall and others.
Dunwoody College of Technology with industrial design students, after working professional lecture.
What If? - Young Inventors Program, annually sponsored for elementary school students.
A Face Project™ - micro documentary