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A CAD drawing is a Computer Aided Design
drawing. It is a very accurate digital drawing
of a product or anything that has form and
can physically be made.

Manufacturing uses CAD drawings in various
ways to produce products. Magellan Global
is unique, among firms of it’s kind, by
having in house CAD capability.

CAM stands for Computer Aided Manufacture.
This is when when a computer controls a
machine that will produce machined parts or
make a product. A computer uses a CAD
drawing and sends CAM data to a machine to
tell it what to machine or make.

CAD has become an especially important technology within the scope of product development. CAD has many benefits such as lowering product development costs and greatly shortening design cycles. CAD enables work to be done on screen, in lieu of work done in the real world, the work can be easily edited and the digital out put used for rapid prototypes, manufacturing and marketing purposes.

While CAD, to date, is mainly used in manufacturing for detailed engineering of 3D models and producing 2D drawings for manufacturing of products. Magellan Global is a leader, in it’s area of practice, to have the CAD technology in it’s practice. Magellan Global is able to interface with all the major CAD software platforms, substantially saving design, patent and prototype costs for clients. For more information about patent drawing click here.