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Magellan Global LLC provides practical information about the aspects of patents and trademarks from the perspective of the inventor and the businessperson.

The inventor in the broadest sense is the common element in every application for a patent; the person that conceived of the novel process, machine, or composition of matter. Although the circumstances of the invention differ substantially between inventors, the decision process with regard to whether to pursue patent and other intellectual property protection is the same. That is, the decision must be based on a sound business plan or strategy. In order for inventors and businesspersons to make better informed decisions, Magellan Global LLC sheds light on the intricacies of the patent process and provides practical considerations along the way.

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Magellan Global LLC is a project management and consulting service. We are of the creative mind. We work to make the complex simple, solve problems, advance your interests and be an extension of you and your company. Testimonials

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About Magellan Global LLC
Magellan is commonly known as the first western explorer to circumnavigate the globe in the late Medieval, Renaissance period. Being the first explorer to lead an expedition around the world, the name Magellan capturers the imagination,
down to this day. Our company and clients have the Magellan spirit.

Technology and innovation have made the world a smaller place. Globalization is today’s reality. The globe can now be circumnavigated, many times, by any explorer desiring to do so.

Through out history explorers have been the creative people leading the way in their adventure in innovation. There are skills explorers need to learn and pitfalls they want to avoid. All explorers, in the past, have avoided misinformation and turned to reliable guides. Guides, all ready living in the territory and, having knowledge of the territory the explorer was entering. 

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